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There are some automated apartment "locator" websites would attempt to mislead apartment hunters with the promise of a small kickback. These websites may have totally automated "searchable" databases that look good superficially, but have a very limited number of local apartments that will cooperate with them, meaning very few real choices for you. 

In addition, you should be wary of any website that offers a "free move". Once you navigate through their site to get to the fine print (that will take some effort),. you will find that their " free" move only covers some basic furniture. Once you add in their charges for the "extras" -- the washer/dryer, any pictures, chairs, mirrors, and other furniture and boxes (only 10 or so are free) the price to you could add up to about the price of what a traditional mover charges **See chart.

Usually when you search on these rebate or free move sites, you literally get just a few  random selections, many times apartments totally unrelated in age, style, area, and amenities, etc. to each other and to your specified criteria. They lead you to believe it is a carefully chosen group of apartments meeting your exact specs, when in fact, it is just a sampling of some of the small group of properties that work with them sent to you in an automated fashion. There is absolutely no attempt to check availability or any guarantee that they even fall in your price range with the constantly changing availability and prices.As a matter of fact, it's unlikely that they will.

It's virtually impossible to determine the actual "effective" rent for an apartment in Austin using an automated online website because they have to quote the "Market Rate" to keep from being held to quoted special rates.

Very importantly, we are licensed, bonded Texs real estate agents who have lengthy relationships with all the apartment communities, and their management and on-site agents.. We are constantly sharing information amongst our locators to keep up on the apartments' changing policies (pet, deposit, minimum lease terms and  UNADVERTISED SPECIALS,  guaranteeing you the best deal on an apartment with  your exact specifications.

Our free personalized service can save you valuable time and hundreds of dollars in rent and specials, well beyond the value of a small rebate or "free" move from
any "do it yourself" online "locator" site.

Example: We can probably save you $50-$75/mo. on your rent by finding you the best available deals. At $50/mo cheaper rent your savings over a 12 mo. lease would  =$600 in Savings through us
vs. a one time $50 or $100 rebate from an online site.
(If and when you receive their rebate  weeks or months after move in.
Be sure to read their fine print.------if you can find it)

Don't fall for come-ons from fly by night operators
Choose a Texas Real Estate Commission licensed apartment locator

and allow us to use our expertise to find you your ideal apartment, at the best price, with minimal work
and no hassles on your part.
Typical "Free" Move extra charges

Washer/Dryer                      $12.00
Two Extra lamps        $10.00
Two Speaker stands         $8.00
Recliner chair      $4.00
Extra Table(s)       $4.00
Television over 32"inches               $25.00
Sleeper Sofa                         $20.00
Weight bench with weights             $15.00
Items over balconies                          $30.00
Water Beds                                           $15.00
Extra Couch(s)     $9.00
Bicycle     $3.00
25 extra boxes(only 10-20 are free) $50.00
Bar-b-que pit                                         $6.00
Aquarium                                                $8.00
Mirror(s)                  $4.00
3 additional chairs               $9.00
Ten pictures (none are free)            $10.00
Extra Television     $4.00
Vacuum                                        $2.00
Glass tabletop        $2.00

Each floor above 2nd floor                 $20 
TOTAL               $148.00 - $273 extra

vs. an average mover's charge of $75/hour with a 2 hour minimum.

Most 1 & 2 bedroom local moves with traditional movers cost $150 and up. 

Therefore, your "free" move may not save you much money, if any,
or could actually cost you money

and you will have spent days doing all the apartment hunting work yourself and still not found the
best deals on apartments