Austin Apartments that accept Broken leases, evictions, bad credit, bankruptcies and foreclosures

I have a broken lease but good credit.
Many apartments in Austin use a point system like Safe rent or Credit Retriever to qualify you. If you score in the acceptable range and your background checks out ok some of them will work with you. However, most apartments in Austin will automatically deny you if you owe another property money. All the more reason to call us. Applications can get expensive at $30- $50 each.

If you have a broken lease - you have come to the right place!  We know all the apartments in Austin that work with broken leases AND evictions. There are quite a few apartments in Austin you can rent - so don't worry. Everyone's situation is different and apartments understand. Most apartments will require that you pay an extra deposit, so be prepared to pay anywhere from $500 to 1 months rent as an additional deposit. 

Different apartments and management companies have easier application processes than others.  
We know who they are and some them only work directly with us.  

Call us to discuss your options

The apartments will look at
  •  your income, 
  • how long ago your broken lease was, 
  • if you have positive rental since your broken lease and 
  • how much money you owe to the property.  

We are a FREE Apartment Locating Company in Austin and can help you find an Apartment anywhere in the Austin metro area. We have a database of all of the apartments in Austin we can search with you to find your ideal apartment. 

Most Austin apartments have very strict guidelines. Each apartment and management company will have different qualifying standards. It is vitally important that before you put down your hard earned money, you understand exactly what an apartment is going to be looking for on your rental application. We can help direct you.

If you're looking for a pet friendly apartment in Austin or maybe your self employed?
 Or if this is your first time to rent or maybe you have bad credit or a broken lease? We address these and many more issues on the realities of leasing an apartment in Austin when we visit. We are an Austin based local free Apartment locating service and will be more than happy to assist you in your search for your ideal apartment home


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